Many times, organizing a trip down to the last detail is quite difficult. Especially during the holidays, as tourists, our minds are dominated by reaching our destination and having a good time.

At HealthCare Greece we feel that we must put into practice the meaning of the word “hospitality”, a designation that is a cultural heritage for the Greek people.

That is why we believe that it is our obligation to provide security to the visitor during his trip. To know that we are by his side and can rely on us for whatever arises in terms of health, whether urgent or not.

HealthCare Greece is a health center with a human-centered axis. It serves visitors from all countries, providing them with medical services.

We rely on high standards for the care of visitors’ health and we combine the human approach with the professional character. We are always in cooperation and consultation with global insurance companies, thus providing comprehensive coverage.

The safety of the health of the visitors of our country should not be considered a luxury, but a given provision. Either for simple medical advice or for serious emergencies that require intensive treatment or surgery.

At the medical center of HealthCare Greece we have doctors experienced in the emergency nature of health cases, with excellent communication skills and familiarity with foreign languages, something that allows them to understand the patient, even in times of extreme need.

The medical fields we cover vary and extend to a wide range of services, while we have a large number of nursing clinics, even for the most special cases.

Our medical center operates 24/7, covers telephone communication on a 24-hour basis and provides the possibility of communication by email, with immediate response.

We serve all of Attica Region.

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